Friday, 24 October 2008

Queens Of The Stone Age / UNKLE

Today's remix is something quite special.

UNKLE had initially been thought of as an outlet for DJ Shadow's multiple talents. It was round about the time of this remix, when Shadow had left UNKLE that it became quite clear that it was James Lavelle who was indeed steering this ship after all, and with some style.

This is a remix that changes everything, and I mean, everything.The vocals have been remixed in such a way that although the structure has not been changed, the dynamics feel completely different. The bassline has been re-arranged so much it's only just recognisable as being born from the original version. As for the arrangement - just mind blowingly different from the original without losing the impact, and in fact quite hightening the tension and theme of the original. Without doubt a stunning remix.

Josh Homme from Queens Of The Stoneage is responsible for another fantastic group, The Eagles Of Death Metal.

Saturday, 18 October 2008

Musique vs U2 / Mauro Picotto

Not normally a huge fan of either U2 or Mauro Picotto, but here the balance just seems to be about right - a lovely techno style cut up of U2's New Years Day which has a great drop about half way through. Simple & effective .... it's what a great remix should be.

U2 at one point decided it would be a good idea to record a cover version of M's Pop Musik. A great excuse to post some Hexstatic really ... here's their video remix of M's Pop Musik.


I Prefer The Remix is puzzled by the disappearance of the last post (a lovely mix of Madonna by Orbital).

In other unrelated news, here's a nice picture of an 80's icon.

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