Monday, 12 October 2009

The Orb / Alan Parker

I've never been to Watford. Mind you there's more chance of me going to Watford than there is Arizona.

  • Sendspace The Orb & Alan Parker - Grey Clouds
  • Can you believe how old King Monkey is now ? Ian Brown has another album out now, but why are you not playing Aberdeen this time on your tour. Disappointed. Classic stone Roses here .... worth watching right until the end.

    Friday, 25 September 2009

    Prodigy / Secret Knowledge

    God love 'em they've had their ups and downs. Regardless of the naysayers, I reckon this year's "Invaders Must Die" has been a definite return to form. No coincidence perhaps that the rave samples have started to creep back in. Rewind back to 1995 however, and it's a mystery to me why today's remix didn't seem to get a major UK release other than on this compilation.

  • Sendspace The Prodigy - Speedway (Secret Knowledge Remix)
  • Seems clear to me Liam Prodigy has been hammering The Breeders' "Last Splash" album consistently since 1993. "World's On Fire", the standout track from The Prodigy's latest album manages a couple of deft sampling tricks, but possibly the neatest is the appropriation of Ms Deal's vocal from "I Just Want To Get Along". I hope Liam gets a Christmas card at least from her in return for all the royalties. I would however urge you to check out The Breeders' Last Splash album, as it has aged very well indeed as I found out to my pleasure on recent listening.

    Tuesday, 22 September 2009

    Editors / Cicada

    Now this is an unusual one - I did a little research for a change! Turns out that Tom Smith, lead singer of Editors, guests on Cicada's new album "Roulette" which came out earlier this year (and you can buy here via iTunes). I actually bought Cicada's debut album on the strength of the two Editors remixes and a Depeche Mode remix they produced, but was bitterly disappointed with the second rate album I received. My opinion is reserved on their difficult second album at the moment but from the promotional videos kicking around, it looks like they are now travelling down the euro-pop in a cool kind of Annie / Royksopp / Robyn kind of way.

  • Sendspace Editors - All Sparks (Cicada Remix)
  • Editors have long been accused of ripping of Joy Division - somewhat cruelly it's been suggested that they're now turning into New Order on the evidence of their new single. Personally I reckon they always had a hint of Ultravox (listen to Editor's "Blood" and then listen to Ultravox's "The Voice" if you don't believe me). Not a bad thing at all I reckon, but judge for yourself. The award for daftest video of this year so far goes to Editor's for Papillon ...

    Friday, 28 August 2009

    I Prefer The Cover #1 / Ed Solo

    First in an occasional series where I prefer the cover version. Posting about Jam & Spoon the other day reminded me of their remix of The Age Of Love's "Age Of Love". Their "Watch Out For Stella" remix is possibly still the definitive (of many) remixes that are infrequently issued.

  • Sendspace Ed Solo - Age Of Dub
  • Ed Solo however, usually better known for his breaks tracks, serves up a corker here. Half way between a remix and a cover version as there's so many original elements in this version that I'm going to just call it a cover version. The live version however, as shown in the video below is really rather impressive and perhaps even better than the version on offer for today's download.

    Wednesday, 26 August 2009

    Transglobal Underround / Dreadzone

    Truth be told, I never bought this single for the A-Side. This remix was always the attraction - a veritable acid dub monster that renders the original somewhat obsolete.

  • Sendspace Transglobal Underground - Lookee Here (Dreadzone Remix)
  • A certain Heitham Al-Sayed was featured as the guest vocalist in this track - Around the same time however, he was better known as the male lead singer from Senser ... which brings me to the second video. Senser have reformed, have a new single out shortly, and I reckon it's mighty fine ....

    Inner City / Altern8

    Back to 1991 on this track. Altern8 were let loose on what was a relatively pedestrian gospel-house track and turned it into a classic rave track that still sounds up today.

  • Sendspace Inner City - Let It Reign (Altern8 Know The Score Remix)
  • First video today - well I'm not sure if anybody, and I mean anybody has ever come close to topping this as the best techno pop song ever. Get yer suggestions in the comments in now...

    Tuesday, 25 August 2009

    Skunk Anansie / Blue Amazon

    Metaphorically digging the crates on this one for a DMC only release from 1997. Back before trance was shit. Blue Amazon turn Indie Rock on its head with a long long remix - it's 14+ minutes so you have been warned. Again, apologies for the relatively low bitrate but back then that's how I ripped 'em from the vinyl.

  • Sendspace Skunk Anansie - Twisted (Blue Amazon DMC Remix)
  • And from one DMC to another. Great great hip-hop track from 1990 that samples ... welll that would spoil it.

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