Saturday, 13 September 2008

Jem / Photek

I know Photek has already been featured, but it's difficult to ignore talent when it slaps you in the face repeatedly.

Jem's been very quiet over the last few years, but her new album is out imminently ... sneaky listens have thankfully it's a little more than you may expect. For this track however, the premier single "They" from her 2005 album "Finally Woken" is revisited, and twisted beyond recognition by Rupert Parkes (for he is Photek) into a tear-up drum & bass monster, complete with Beltram hoovers and wub wub sub-bass. The oblique song lyrics (almost completely removed in this remix) refer to the fear of others' unknown feelings or intents created through the necessity of modern day anonymity. The mood created by Photek counter-plays on this theme effectively stripping the original's disarming backing and replacing with a chrome plated modern day nightmare.

And here's the "Space" video version of the original mix ...

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