Saturday, 20 September 2008

Von Sudenfed / Pilooski

What's the difference between an edit and a remix ?

You do kind of feel sorry for all of today's artists in some respects .... Mark E Smith & Mouse On Mars (or collectively, Von Sudenfed) have always managed to stay on the left field of their respective genres (go on ... try and classify The Fall), but have never quite alligned their critical success with commercial mass appeal.

Pilooski on the other hand has been massively popular with a lot of bloggers and DJs alike. Just when you think he's going to strike a massive hit, his re-edit of Frankie Valli's "Begging You" gets bastardised in a pop-rap cover version of his edit. Life a bit crap sometimes.
Today's video is of "Telephone Thing", one of the collaboration between The Fall and Coldcut.

I Prefer The Remix will be out of office for the next three weeks or so....

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