Monday, 17 November 2008

Soul Sonic Force / LFO

Truth be told, I hated this remix when it came out originally. I think the problem was there were a further different six mixes to chose from on the CD single (only the 808 State remix which became their "Plan 9" under a slight re-tooling is worth digging out ... but perhaps another day). I think the radical minimalism and rejection of pretty much everything in the original track apart from the occasional shout out by Afrika Baambaataa probably alienated me a little.

How wrong was I ?

If anyone knows their minimalism, it's LFO. It's one of the few remixes they released, but it stands up as timeless. I can listen to this remix sixteen years after it was first released, and it hasn't aged one day. Very special indeed.

  • Sendspace Soul Sonic Force - Planet Rock (House Mix II)
  • Now why hasn't somebody got around to remixing Timezone's World Destruction yet ?


    Ctelblog said...

    Very interesting professor

    David Kincaid said...

    Nah not a fan of this mix, the Electric Music/Kraftwerk Classic Mix is the one....there's a wonky World Destruction mashup mix on one of the Coldcut Solid Steel mixes as its almost remixed...

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