Tuesday, 16 December 2008

The Rapture / Cosmos

It's all about the breakdown. Just. F*ckin. Massive.

  • Sendspace The Rapture - House Of Jealous Lovers (Cosmos Remix)
  • This track has been edited slightly from its original format to give it some proper beats to DJ with at the start ...In other Rapture related news ... I've got a ticket to see The Specials next year. How Happy Am I ?


    The Daily Disc said...

    Hey there - enjoying I prefer the Remix and added it to my blog roll. Would love to have you check out The Daily Disc.com


    and if you like it invite you to add it to your list of "other preferred placed" :)


    Anonymous said...

    Finally checked back to find you've been busy and I've been missing quite a bit.

    That video is awesome.

    On the Cosmos remix - that does make a better DJ mix without that beginning intro - just gets ya right to it!

    Ctelblog said...

    C'mon. More posts.

    If you are the artist featured and prefer not to be then please contact: iprefertheremixactually@gmail.com