Tuesday, 16 December 2008

The Rapture / Cosmos

It's all about the breakdown. Just. F*ckin. Massive.

  • Sendspace The Rapture - House Of Jealous Lovers (Cosmos Remix)
  • This track has been edited slightly from its original format to give it some proper beats to DJ with at the start ...In other Rapture related news ... I've got a ticket to see The Specials next year. How Happy Am I ?

    Monday, 8 December 2008

    Klaxons / South Central

    Took me a little while to dig out this one - only a couple of years ago but seems to have disappeared from the net despite the popularity of the Klaxons. I suspect they covered Kick's Like A Mule rave classic "The Bouncer" as a pisstake, that somehat backfired on them as they got tagged with the "nu-rave" albatross. Kicks Like A Mule returned the favour by "covering" Gravity's Rainbow, which you can hear on their myspace. South Central managed to put the rave back into the Klaxon's version however with their illicit bootleg remix

  • Sendspace Klaxons - The Bouncer (South Central Remix)
  • Still not as good as the original though ...

    Spooky / Spooky

    One of these days, I'm gonna write down my password for this blog !

    Since both Acid Ted and Audio.Out did such excellent posts on Progessive House (and Spooky in particular for one part) it seemed rude not to post what is one of my all time favourite remixes. Unusual perhaps because no 3rd party remixer is involved here - it's the band remixing themselves, but boy, what a job. It reminds me a lot of Orbital's "Belfast" in certain parts, as well as Orbital in general thanks to the increasing loops of chord progression. Never once does it get dull however.

    In fact ... it's so good that would pretty obviously later become the basis for "Expander" when Spooky started working with Sasha.

  • Sendspace Spoooky - Little Bullet (Live Version)
  • No better excuse really needed for a bit of Dusty...

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