Friday, 28 August 2009

I Prefer The Cover #1 / Ed Solo

First in an occasional series where I prefer the cover version. Posting about Jam & Spoon the other day reminded me of their remix of The Age Of Love's "Age Of Love". Their "Watch Out For Stella" remix is possibly still the definitive (of many) remixes that are infrequently issued.

  • Sendspace Ed Solo - Age Of Dub
  • Ed Solo however, usually better known for his breaks tracks, serves up a corker here. Half way between a remix and a cover version as there's so many original elements in this version that I'm going to just call it a cover version. The live version however, as shown in the video below is really rather impressive and perhaps even better than the version on offer for today's download.


    Ctelblog said...

    You come back and then you disappear again. Bah!

    Dunproofin' said...

    yeah yeah yeah - I know. It's just been a busy couple of weeks with real life getting in the way.

    I've been lining up a couple of corkers for y'all though.

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