Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Editors / Cicada

Now this is an unusual one - I did a little research for a change! Turns out that Tom Smith, lead singer of Editors, guests on Cicada's new album "Roulette" which came out earlier this year (and you can buy here via iTunes). I actually bought Cicada's debut album on the strength of the two Editors remixes and a Depeche Mode remix they produced, but was bitterly disappointed with the second rate album I received. My opinion is reserved on their difficult second album at the moment but from the promotional videos kicking around, it looks like they are now travelling down the euro-pop in a cool kind of Annie / Royksopp / Robyn kind of way.

  • Sendspace Editors - All Sparks (Cicada Remix)
  • Editors have long been accused of ripping of Joy Division - somewhat cruelly it's been suggested that they're now turning into New Order on the evidence of their new single. Personally I reckon they always had a hint of Ultravox (listen to Editor's "Blood" and then listen to Ultravox's "The Voice" if you don't believe me). Not a bad thing at all I reckon, but judge for yourself. The award for daftest video of this year so far goes to Editor's for Papillon ...

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