Thursday, 13 November 2008

Aphex Twin / Kriece

Back like the bad penny. Got quite a bit disheartened to be honest with posts disappearing - especially as I only seem to average about 100 hits a day. Yup - I could kill the record industry with this kind of coverage.

I know nothing about today's remixer - Kriece - and you'll probably know a lot more about Richard D James than I ever could. The remix however is slight but effective, bringing one of the Aphex Twin's signature pieces more towards the dancefloor (well as much as you can with him)

I was trying to think of a good reason to link today's video to Mr Aphex, but to be honest I can't other than LFO and Aphex have both been on the WARP record label at various points.

And they both rock.


Ctelblog said...

Oooh! Thanks for this

simon said...

was really looking forward to this remix but the link is broken

simon said...

kriece is aussie (well someone has to be!) he's been producing for a while now and i saw him play (using traktor) last yr in bristol uk. very good. deep house-y prog goodness thanks again hope that link gets fixed cuz the aphex remix was featured on james zabielas album circa 2005.....

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