Saturday, 15 November 2008

DJ Shadow / Cut Chemist

It's not an understatement to say I owe DJ Shadow a lot. Although it's not unusual for certain albums so soundtrack a time of life, Shadow's "Entroducing" was a little more than that for me. It proved to be the inspiration for my thesis - how many people could cite not only DJ Shadow but also Coldcut in an academic paper ?

Sometime partner in crime, but this time on the remix, Cut Chemist takes Shadow's hip-hop party trick and repeats to the nth degree in his remix below.

Please check out as much of Shadow's back cat as you can - even the later more hip-hop orientated stuff, generally badly received badly by the press at the time, has aged with repeated listening very well. I think this calls for some more DJ Shadow in today's video ...

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Ctelblog said...

Never evwer understood all the fuss about "Entroducing". All sounded very complicated to put together. A piece of music to admire? Yes. But a piece of music to love? No.

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